BMW has big orders from PLUG for their hydrogen fuel cells to run their fork lifts. This is a great and informative video explaing the advantages of using PLUG.


Today’s Market

There will always be up and down days in the market, but sometimes the down days hurt just a little bit just like the up days feel pretty good. To be a trader or an investor you can not lose your head and sell just because you are down some money. If you let your emotions take hold of the way you invest you will find yourself buying high and selling low much more than you will be comfortable with. I may have lost a little bit today, but I plan to keep a long term view and not sell until I reach my PT. I think SLTD will rebound and hit .16 soon than later. The update on the sun panel prototype in due soon, and I expect KNDI to rebound as well and hit $15 soon.