PLUG Anticipation

As we head to the end of February many investors are speculating when Marsh will choose to update investors through a CC or through some other method. PLUG has a new big deal but has yet to officially announce who it is. Most believe that it is another deal with Walmart because in their recent reports they mentioned PLUG. Also, investors expect an update on how the Asian trip is going for Marsh. Anew Asian deal would be huge for PLUG, and would drive the PPS up quite a bit. I still have a short term PT of $5.00 but my long term for the EOY I think will range from $15-$20.


PLUG Asian Deal Speculation


This photo is of PLUG’s CEO and a meeting of his in Asia. I found it on PLUG’s Facebook page. As we all know, Marsh has been roaming Asia look for new deals for PLUG. A new deal with a great company could be huge for PLUG and their PPS. I am very excited to hear any news from his adventures because there is so much potential for PLUG in the short term and long term. My short term PT for PLUG is $5.00

Plug Power Inc. (PLUG)

Plug power specializes in implementing fuel cells for fork lifts to run on. This cuts down on bad omissions and is cheaper. They have deals with several fortune 500 companies as of right now including Walmart, Kroger, and FedEx. Recenly their CEO Marsh went to China to look for international deals. Then Monday the 10th they announced that they have a new deal, but have not yet identified who it is. Plug is trading in high 3’s right now and many think that soon they will retest $5 again. I am watching it closely, and may try to buy in on a dip.